Welcome to the Woodsball Tornament Paintball Series website! We hope you like what we have done with it so far. Feel free to roam around and check out the site.

Our next event will be on April 18th ,2015 at Cousins Manchester; hope to see everyone there. You can register for this event and all others by clicking on the "Registration" tab at the top of this page.. Information about the field, area, pricing and prizes can be found by navigating the "Event" tab's drop down menu.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a messege by clicking the "Contact" tab and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Most responses should be answered within 24 hours or less.

What do players have to say?

Woodsball tournaments are awesome and I'm very glad you had this event. It was an absolute blast!!! I hope teams choose to compete, as there is an attempt to bring back this type of competition... nothing is more fun, in my opinion. Nice turn out for the first time. Woodsball Tournment Series PSI Bomber Paintball and the refs did a great job. Thank you!! -Dave Cilio Master Blasters

Hey guys; great tournament, thank you! We loved getting back in the woods for some old-school tournament ball. We need more events like this! It will keep "old-timers" like me in the tournament game longer. Looking forward to the next one. -Mauro Highland Warriors.

I would like to give a quick shout out to all of the teams that participated in the WTS Tournament yesterday, which was held at PSI Paintball, in Plattekill NY... It was very hot, but everyone was very good about the heat, Both On The Field, and also Off the Field!!!!!! I truly believe that this event was the start of something good for the sport of paintball being played back in the woods, AGAIN!!!!! The entire event was loaded with a great deal of talent, plus a bunch of teams that are ready to Play Some Paintball!!!! Great Teams showed up to play, but most of all a lot of fantastic players/individuals were there too..... they not only were there to play, but also there to just have some fun playing the sport we all can't get enough of, ever!!!!! Thank you all for a great event, and also for a great day just talking about playing paintball!!!!! I also would like to thank all of the Judges and the staff for a great run and refereed event.... You all did a fantastic job out there, and I heard none of you complain about anything, including the heat... Thank you all... -Robert Rosie Rose Master Blasters/Ground Zero/NYX